Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting Savvy With Social Media

My reading the past few weeks has focused solely on one area: social media! I'm concentrating on how organizations can use social media to communicate with their target audiences.

Once upon a time, an organization used traditional methods to converse with its audiences. A PR professional would work with mainstream media, local community groups and internal print publications to get out the message.

Wow, times have changed!

Social media is revolutionizing the way organizations communicate...and the way they listen. First, what is social media? A simple definition is "using the internet to facilitate conversation between people." Now, we must think about having conversations with members of our audience instead of broadcasting or marketing to them. We now can communicate in a two-way conversation at all times.

This new reality means that the era of the PR professional is really taking hold. We listen, we communicate well, and we care about our organization AND our audiences.

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